Understanding the Essence of God

Opening Note: If you do not believe that God, or a god exist, then this instruction is not for you. If you believe that religion is a scam and was developed by man as a means to control other men, peoples, and nations, then again, this instruction is not for you. If you believe that Christianity is a false religion created by Europeans to subjugate Africans and other races of people, neither is this instruction for you. If you are currently researching various religions seeking for one to follow, this is a good reference point that could add to your studies. If you are seeking to know God through our course of the Gospel of Liberation, please keep reading so we can help you choose your level of knowledge.

The staff of Afro Word has researched many aspects of world religions and religious texts and has concluded that all religions trace back to one God. This God is the Creator of all humanity from the beginning of the existence of the world as we know it until this day. Though evolution is a theory of scientist around the world, evolution does have a place in the realm of creationism and we will explain the relationship as we go forward. The entity and maker of mankind exist in a different dimensional world that we as human beings cannot comprehend unless we grow closer to the essence of the Creator. A relationship with the Creator requires a first belief of His existence in order to know and understand Him. If one does not believe in the Creator, that Creator will not exist in the person's mind and never will, even though the person remains to exist in the realm of God and of His creation.

In our labors to search out the reality and existence of God, we have discovered that regardless of what name God is called, he is the same God. God does not answer to any one name simply because He has separated humanity by language, culture, and environment. Thus, His name is actually irrelevant as to who and what He actually is. In His perpetual wisdom, God relates to humanity on His own level; however, humanity can only relate to God on the human level. In essence, humanity needs God in order to have any knowledge aforethought or understanding of Him. Even if a person does not believe in God, it is by that person' own God-inspired aforethought and choice that he is able to do so. Nevertheless, God relates to humanity through a people's native tongue, environment, and historical means of existence. Because He is the Creator of all humanity, He can relate to humanity how he sees fit.

In every culture and region of the world, humanity has developed a means of communication, be it by the written word, drawings and symbols, or carvings; history has shown that communication by either of these means has always existed. Each individual culture has its own language of understanding and each has a historical recording and documents of messages they consider inspired by a higher entity. How other cultures and nations translate those images and words can sometimes become confusing and many messages have been lost in translation; however, the central message is not lost, which is the underlying instruction from the Creator. Humanity has various traditions and rituals regarding how life is suppose to operate but there has always been one central theme and message all humanity understands. Not only do they understand it using their God-given intellect, but they understand it with their hearts and conscious.

Afro Word describes this universal understanding as the essence of Natural Law. God forbids murder, thievery, sexual promiscuity, and most other unethical behavior, as well as emotional immorality such as hatred, angry, lying and physical and mental abuse of others. These are the universal laws of human nature and every culture abides by them subconsciously and as a matter of everyday life. Laws are written that enact punishment toward people who commit any or all of the above transgressions and society, in every culture, has a means of ousting a person who commits these acts habitually. For thousands of years, humanity in various cultures have practiced methods of restraint to not commit these immoral acts using Holy Books, Proverbs, words of wisdom and written laws and policies, however, there are elements of society that push these forces on people who cannot maintain restraint. Regardless of the method or religion used, God's laws for humanity remain and have never wavered throughout time.

The ministers of Afro Word through the Gospel of Liberation and using the Holy Bible as a guidebook, and from men who have successfully discovered and practiced the theories of the Holy Bible, have concluded that God has offered humanity an easier way to maintain restraint, which is through the use of His Spirit, the Holy Ghost, that He has personally offered to anyone who believes. The gift of the Holy Ghost must be received by faith and belief in it and is an assistant from God to strengthen and develop the character and person of the believer. The Holy Bible gives instruction for spiritual growth through teachings of Jesus Christ and from the writings of the Apostles that will help the believer to overcome the forces that seek to bring them down in the flesh. Each of our CONTENDER STUDY GUIDE addresses the person's growth from a beginning level throughout to an advanced level so the believer can experience the true essence of God the Creator.

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