The following narratives are introductions to understanding the basics in the Gospel of Liberation. We believe that in order to gain full understanding of God and complete liberation, one must first have knowledge that will help them follow along in the progression of our theories. Below are three areas we believe are fundamental in growing in the Gospel of Liberation. Please read all three and feel free to ask questions from the contact page.

Oppression Without Religion

brainwash (25K)

The irony behind this message is that there are things Blacks believe and do everyday under the rule of white America that have nothing to do with religion.

Holy Books & Scrolls

quran (23K)

Learn about the foundations of religions throughout the world and how they came about and also understand how the actual Spirit of God communicates with humanity.

A True Description of Jesus the Christ

jesus0 (36K)

This Biblical description of the actual person of Jesus is foremost one of the most important narratives in the Gospel of Liberation. Without knowledge of the truth, one can never become truly liberated.

Jesus in Chicago

jchicago (158K)

Follow along in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ told from the life of a young brother growing up in and living in the city of Chicago. This story will bring you closer to understanding how God reaches all humanity.