Contender: A Defense Against False Prophets and Doctrine

The Contender Study Guide is a two part study of the Gospel of Salvation.

Part 1 is entitled RECOGNIZE, in which the student learns how to recognize false doctrine and the motives and methods behind the men who teach it. There is an in-depth study on the concepts of tithing under the Law and then a transition into the Age of Grace and the concept of giving, and finally how false doctrine effects us as individuals, families, and society as a whole.

Part 2 is entitled ESCAPE. This part goes into detail about the consequences of false doctrine on a believer and on the church as a whole. It then transitions into the benefits of becoming a true believer, how to secure salvation and the beginnings of a relationship with God, and ends by teaching the believer how to grow and use the power of God in their lives.

Please read the NARRATIVE as an introduction to the CONTENDER STUDY GUIDE.