The Black Conscious Community Learn from a white, Female Philosopher

Far from the original "Black Conscious" Movement started by Steve Biko who spearheaded the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa against apartheid, this new philosophical/religious movement known as the "Conscious Community," is presenting itself as a sanctuary for defectors of modern world religions. And instead of teaching on a foundation of Black identity, culture and history, they have branched off into a doctrine of reason and logic that offer alternative theories to God, life and humanity.

Today, their teachings have been overwhelmingly infiltrated by trolls who have dropped concepts of Greek philosophy into the mix, which has led to confusion of Black identity, culture and history and cast doubt into the minds of potential and traditional believers of God on a most basic level. Extended research into their new theories, however, can be easily traced back to some ancient and other contemporary Greek philosophers.

One such contemporary philosopher is a woman named Ayn Rand. Her theories about life and humanity are rooted in Greek philosophy and are very well admired and practiced by many of today's extreme right-wing groups around the world, white supremacist, and some Evangelical conservatives and of the most far-right faction of the Republican Party. Though not published or reported in mainstream media, this philosophy can be considered the cause of the collapse of American morality.

Rand is an atheist and her most basic theory of God rest in this quote by her: "Since religion is a primitive form of philosophy - an attempt to offer a comprehensive view of reality - many of its myths are distorted, dramatized allegories based on some element of truth, some actual, if profoundly elusive, aspect of man's existence. One of such allegories, which men find particularly terrifying, is the myth of a supernatural recorder from whom nothing can be hidden, who lists all of a man's deeds - the good and the evil, the noble and the vile - and who confronts a man with that record on judgment day."

In this theory, she reduces the concept of God to a primitive form of philosophy; in other words, placing any existence or acts of God, below the mental abilities of man. She alludes to Biblical theories as allegories, much like the conscious community does. Their main argument is that the Bible and any theories about God are made up and basically not true. She then diminishes God's relationship with man to a cartoonist image of an overlord recording man's acts in life and bringing them back up to him on judgment day; the same way the conscious community diminishes God. Further into her theory of God she says:

"That myth is true, not existentially, but psychologically. The merciless recorder is the integrating mechanism of a man's subconscious; the record is his sense of life. A sense of life is a pre-conceptual equivalent of metaphysics, and emotional, subconsciously integrated appraisal of man and of existence. It sets the nature of a man's emotional responses and the essence of his character."

In this thought, she is essentially saying what many Conscious believers also say, which is that the idea of a god or Supreme Being is basically within the mind and subconscious of every person. The mind can make real or non-existent and the mind can create or destroy. That the record of a man's life is recorded in his own mind as he replays his life over and over either accepting or resisting any behavior or acts he has done. In other words, he is his own judge. This is what the conscious community tells people, that they control their own destinies, life deeds, and the consequences are a result of one's own choosing.

People of such beliefs give no regard to authority or the idea of social order and control. They believe that if all men act in the realm of selfishness, society will order itself and that all social disorder is the result of people who believe in a Supreme Being. This mentality is the result of people who choose to disregard the concept of a Supreme Being. They trivialize God and make it an irrelevant or a fleeting notion as a subordinate to philosophy. The art of trivializing something into a small, comical concept is popular among narcissist.

Example, most mainstream and political leaders are narcissist who make light of the existence of God when they are on air because they are taught not to show emotion when reporting. The whole concept of not showing emotion is another bases of Rand's theories; Selfishness. She teaches that selfishness is not an evil, but a virtue. As quoted below:

"Do you ask what moral obligation I owe to my fellow men? None - except the obligation I owe to myself, to material objects and to all of existence: rationality. I deal with men as my nature and theirs demands: by means of reason. I seek or desire nothing from them except such relations as they care to enter of their own voluntary choice. It is only with their mind that I can deal and only for my own self-interest, when they see that my interest coincides with theirs. When they don't, I enter no relationship; I let dissenters go their way and I do not swerve from mine. I win by means of nothing but logic and I surrender to nothing but logic. I do not surrender my reason or deal with men who surrender theirs."

Here she is basically saying that there is no need to establish friendships with people who do not further her own cause and that friendship is essentially based on logic, not emotion or concern for one's fellow man. Lack of emotion is another virtue according to Rand in that she believes men function wholly on logic and reason and emotions are simply a mechanism to be turned on and off by choice. Her idea of love itself is one that a person can control and enter into voluntarily and subject to a person's strength of logic, or mental control. Below is her theory of love.

"Many errors and tragic disillusionments are possible in this process of emotional recognition, since a sense of life, by itself, is not a reliable cognitive guide. And if there are degrees of evil, then one of the most evil consequences of mysticism - in terms of human suffering - is the belief that love is a matter of "the heart," not the mind, that love is an emotion independent of reason, that love is blind and impervious to the power of philosophy. Love is the expression of philosophy - of a subconscious philosophical sum - and, perhaps, no other aspect of human existence needs the conscious power of philosophy quite so desperately. When that power is called upon to verify and support an emotional appraisal, when love is a conscious integration of reason and emotion, of mind and values, then - and only then - it is the greatest reward of man's life."

Love, to Rand, is a choice. In other words, a husband can decide when and how to love his wife and children. He can choose how much to show and in what capacity to show it. According her theory, a person can decide when giving a gift is appropriate or when telling someone they love them warrants their own time and effort and if it will benefit those they are suppose to love. Thus when people take hold of her theories, they resort to logic in all their relationships and portion out love according to what they believe is enough.

As a studied and practiced doctrine among a large portion of society, we now have a represented population in America - and some around the world - who have hardened their hearts toward those who choose to believe in God or other spiritual deities; people who allow their hearts to represent their characters, and against concepts and theories of a Supreme Being and Creator of Humanity; they have rejected the latter and embraced the concept of logic and reason above all else.

In addition to the philosophies of logic, they uphold fact as a doctrine as opposed to absolute truth and substance as opposed to faith and hope, which are considered weaknesses. In other words, anything that relates to God, such as love, faith, hope and other Biblical virtues are replaced with concepts of scientific theories, mathematical equation and the art of Greek philosophy.

This theory was spread by Europeans and Americans in conservative think tanks, private interest groups funded by billionaires and capitalist overlords. From there it spread to extremist groups, rural-American militias, unhinged religious organizations and of course social media groups. However, the theories were then masked as a new spirituality resistant of Christianity, the Holy Bible and any other religion considered man made, and made its way into Black minds who were seeking to dissuade and lead astray Blacks from Christianity, the white man's Jesus, and anyone else who have become wearied by God-speak.

Now there are Black men and women who have taken bits and pieces of this atheist doctrine and intertwined it with African history and theory. They have form groups and movements promoting an alternative creed based on a concept without love, absolute truth, or respect toward a Supreme Being at its core. The movement is growing because it addresses the frustrations of the community who are fed up with lying preachers, images of white Jesus, and constant Biblical scriptures being tossed at them.

In their fight to convert Bible believers and to help the Black community reconnect with their African religions and beliefs, they are unknowingly using theories of Greek philosophy and the teachings of a white, female atheist, to do so. And in the process are killing the souls of those who would believe in God and murdering believers whose faith is already weak because of false doctrine. Please beware of these people and their teachings because the bottom line of this theory is to strip the soul of a person bare and eventually leave that person empty, hard hearted, and spiritually misplaced.


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