Why Black Men Deny Christ

Increasingly more Black men are rejecting the Deity of Jesus Christ as the Messiah, and likewise, more Black women are following along. This phenomenon is not new and began back during slavery as a rejection to the slave master's doctrine of Christianity.

More recently though, in the last 50 years since the rise of the Nation of Islam, more Black men have converted to the Muslim faith and currently many have come to embrace the African doctrines of Hotepery and Ma'at, or other alternative forms of African spirituality.

Most believe that the person and concept of Jesus Christ is not real and was made up by white people to deceive Black people and to make them passive and submissive. They have reached back through world and African literature and convinced themselves that there was never such a person or thing as Christ or Christianity. They have done these things apparently without understanding the Holy Bible. They claim to have read it, but their understanding has not convinced them otherwise.

The Holy Bible is a guidebook to life, not a blueprint for white power. The Ma'at, the Torah, and the Quran are all guide books to life and neither is any different than the other. The Torah and the Quran both reference Jesus Christ but do not proclaim him as the Messiah. And Christianity is the result of the Spirit and presence of Christ after his crucifixion. The true evil is that white men took the concept of Christianity and used it as a means to advance his theories of greed, world domination, and white supremacy, which has brought a serious curse on his world.

Jesus Christ would never advocate for carry concealed, he would never take a source of food away from needy people; he would never support abortion, homosexuality, or the death penalty. Christ is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, and He would never stand behind the wealthy as they oppress the working poor for their wages. He would never deny health care to millions of people and He would not go to war for any and everything to protect his own interest. Christ is a man of the people, not the wealthy oppressor.

Rejection of Christianity is understandable by a culture of people who were stripped of their native religion and spirituality and forced, under whips and chains, to worship a god they knew nothing about. Anyone with a soul and dignity would reject such a religion and a god that forces slave labor under the cruelness of brutality and murder of innocent people. The Black mind was justified in despising what they deemed as the white man's religion. Even to this day, 2017, Black men and women see Jesus and Christianity as a representation of white oppression and supremacy.

The sight of the Holy Bible to some is a book of white oppression and rules by which the Black man must follow and submit to if they want to live a decent life in a majority white society. Churches also, are viewed the same; as a place of worship to a god that had no mercy on Black slaves and who did nothing to stop the brutality but allowed white men to prosper for over 400 plus years from the free labor of Africans and their descendants.

There is nothing different today than it was then as Black men and women are killed by murderous whites and the justice system sets them free as if nothing wrong was done. So, yes, Black men and women have no faith in a claimed god, Jesus, who they see has done nothing to ease the blow of white supremacy. The white man uses the Holy Bible and the words of Jesus Christ to exert power over peoples and nations and have portrayed this god as one of his own, through portraits of a blond haired, blue-eyed white man along with angels and even God himself, has been portrayed as an old white man with a graying beard and hair.

They have taken scriptures from the Holy Bible and used them to justify being masters over Black people and to convince Blacks that they are a cursed people using scriptures of old and biblical prophesies spoken of through ancient text. They have painted the villains of the Bible as dark colored people while the heroes and she roes are painted with white skin and blond hair. They have even made movies and documentaries that show white people as the biblical messengers. They have convinced millions of children and old folks, both Black and white, that Jesus should be framed and hung in every church around the United States as a remembrance of his majesty (and whiteness).

After centuries of this type propaganda it is no wonder any people, Black people, have a serious vendetta against Jesus and the Holy Bible. With such brainwashing and misinformation pumped into the mind year after year and seeing pictures of this god plastered on parents and grandparents walls, no people in their right, sane mind would want to worship such a beast and give reverence to such a people as white people after the crime they have committed. The falsification of the Holy Bible and Christianity is a crime not only against Black America, but against humanity, not to mention an abomination against the very God they claim to serve.

If God or Jesus, were to see (and they do) what white America has used their words for; the Holy and sacred Commandments, it is for sure that the sins against Blacks would be considered damnable and punishable by hell fire. If there is a God, and He inspired the words of the Holy Bible as testimony and witness to His being and presence among humanity, there is no way any man on this earth could pervert those words and turn them into a weapon of brutality and murder under the guise of religion, and get away with it.

The testimony of God documented through the anguish and sufferings of His Holy Apostles and prophets throughout the ages are words that were to be carried throughout time from generation to generation so all can understand and know the purpose of God, the Creator of mankind. He has reached to every corner of the earth to all men of all color and have communicated with them and showed them mercy, even though they have forsook him, he has promised he would always be with them until the end of time.

So why would any man on this earth, take the words of God and use them to abuse another race of people for their own selfish gain? Why would any man turn his back on God after he has brought wisdom and strength to him daily to survive and endure any and all evils that come his way? Is there any man or woman that can look deep into the words of the Holy Bible and find justification for mistreatment of any of God's people? Can anyone look into the Bible and even show where God is white, or Black, or Asian, or any color or that he favors any color man over another?

Has anyone found words in the Bible that the Apostles or prophets wrote that says any of God's people are cursed simply for the color of their skin; or that any color people are better than the rest? No. Neither are there any scriptures that claim one race of people will serve another. In fact, the Bible never mentions race, it talks about nationality, nations, and peoples of different lands who worship gods other than God himself. The Bible proclaims, any nation of people that worships a god other than God Himself, will suffer persecution, bondage and death. And any nation of people that takes God and His Word in vain, will suffer hell fire.

The Holy Bible proclaims that any nation that changes the meaning or message of the Words of God will be damned. It says that any nation of people who persecutes or abuses the innocent or the stranger or the refuge will suffer the wrath of God. It says that any nation (or individual) that lies, cheats, murders, oppresses or walks in vanity, pride, and the spirit of lust, will suffer the tribulation of desolation; and He will turn that nation over to a reprobate mind and they will do things unnatural as a human being.

Time is a major factor in the judgment of God and if a person claims to have the spiritual eyes of God, they can easily see that what the white man has done to the Black man and many other nations of people, using the Bible as an excuse, has brought a swift and unmerciful vengeance of God. This nation is a nation cursed with the many curses of the very Holy Bible they used to oppress, and Black men must see clearly that the white man's system is falling apart right before the eyes of the world.

Black men have denied Christ because they hate the white man, not because they hate Christ. If they knew Christ, they would know that Christ is not the depiction the white man has portrayed him to be. If the Black man read the Holy Bible, he would see that all that the white man stands for is everything God and His Word despise. And if the Black man understood the purpose and plan of God, he would know that His word is the best weapon for the defeat of the evils of the white man, and for the Black man and woman's true liberation and salvation.

The Black man is deceiving himself by rejecting the very Word of God that is meant for his salvation, protection, and victory over evil, oppression, and wickedness. If a man rejects the Word of God based on false evidence or propaganda, then that man does not have a firm grasp of reality or of life. And if that man denies the gift of God to humanity, the Messiah, then that man will miss his deliverance from a world dominated by evil and hatred. If hate of one people who has betrayed God and the world is the reason anyone would reject God's power, then that person does not understand how to use the mind they were born with.

To hate something one has never tried to understand based on the lies and misinformation given to them by a people evil enough to distort the truth, is a major mistake in life. The irony is inconceivable; how the Black man will reject salvation because he has chosen to believe the lies of a people who have always meant them harm. The solution is simple enough, which is to actually read the Bible, understand it, and turn and use it against the very people who are lying about it. Jesus is not a representation of white men; He is literally the complete opposite. But one would never know that if they never knew who Jesus is from the beginning.


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