Jesus in Chicago

One would think that Jesus Christ walking the streets of Chicago would surely mean his death; and they would be correct. Jesus would be killed in Chicago but not by the people you think would kill him. It would be by the hands of those you would least expect. Read the following narrative to learn how the life of Christ relates to our lives and of many people we know and love every day.

PART 2 - The Sermon on the Mount

Once Jesus overcame and rebuked the temptation of the devil, he was empowered to go to the people of the neighborhood and teach and preach about the Kingdom of God. His first assignment was to recruit other brothers from the neighborhood as his disciples. As he recruited his disciples, these were men who are called of God and from there abandon their previous life; their jobs, their friendships, and their old ways of living. They feel a strong urge to seek out God and the truth and they will sacrifice their lives to proclaim the truth among the people.

As he recruited other brothers from the neighborhood, he afterward went to the local churches and preached to the congregations. But not only did he preach the Word he also healed the sick in area hospitals and in homes where people lived sickly. As word got out among the community, more people came to hear him speak at the park where he would go. Once he gathered a large enough crowd of listeners, he taught them basic knowledge of the Kingdom of heaven and of God's will. From the Sermon on the Mount, we will translate the gospel into average terms and situations of today's inner city. He spoke:

You are blessed if you are not lusting after riches but can live modestly; you have better understanding of God than those who are rich and corrupt and you are promised the powers and rewards of the kingdom even as you live here on earth. You do not have to wait to get to heaven; these things are for you right now.

You are blessed if you are distressed by life and its injustices; because you will see the oppressor and your enemies suffer many things right before your eyes.

You are blessed if you are humble in heart and not conceited; you will find friends among you that are more like you than there are unlike you.

You are blessed if you desire to do the right thing in your heart and know to treat people right; you in turn will be treated fairly by those who are likeminded.

You are blessed if you do not seek revenge on people who have wronged you; because at some point you will need mercy for your wrongs and others will have mercy on you.

You are blessed if you have good intentions always and want to see others do well; God will come and reveal himself to you one day soon.

You are blessed if you are the kind of person that makes peace with others and attempt to bring peace between others instead of strife; you will have a good reputation among many people and have favors done for you by others.

You are blessed if people lie on you and accuse you of wrong doing for no reason; you will make many friends of those who are treated the same and they will testify to your innocence.

You are blessed when people talk down about you and mistreat you because you believe in God and in me; you will see the fall and shame of those same people in due time. (St. Matthew 5:3-12).

He taught the people that they were special because of this lifestyle and had a power unknown even to them and that people would respect them because of their character. He taught them to not be ashamed of being a good person because it pays off in the long run and that being evil would also pay off, but not to their benefit. He told them that the law of God is good if it is respected and that people who ignore God's laws will suffer the natural punishments of wrong doing. He also taught them that they should live this life of goodness even above those of the church who taught the words of God as a method of prosperity and to benefit themselves.

He told them that anger is as bad as murder and hatred of others is detriment to their own souls and will eat away at their goodness. He told them that forgiveness and peace should be a priority in their lives to avoid strife and violence. He talked to the men and women about being promiscuous and lusting after sexual desires that had repercussions and that will bring about added struggles in life. He also advised husbands and wives to remain faithful because unfaithfulness also brings trouble and unnecessary drama.

He taught the people to look closely at themselves and not to constantly judge others or degrade others, but to keep themselves pure of evil and corruption. He also taught the people to avoid violence and revenge because it would bring more violence and vengeful behavior from others toward themselves; he said they should ignore violent and brutal people and not be lured into their world of hate. He advised them to not stoop to the levels of thievery and to not take seriously the material things of the world because they can be taken away in a moment's time and most importantly, they are not worth dying over.

He said if people ask you for something and you have it, give it to them and do not expect any return; for too many people are having a hard time just like them. He said love is more powerful than hate and if you love more than you hate, you will be a blessed soul in the eyes of God. He said if you love only them that love you, it diminishes your power of love so love them who hate you too, which will strengthen your power that much more and overpower their hate. Prayer was something he taught constantly; that if you prayed, you would be able to stand down in situations that would otherwise get you into trouble.

He said that it rains on all people and that good and bad things happen to both good and bad people. So be thankful more often when good things happen to you and to other people. And be thankful even in the bad times because you never know when something good can come from it. He said to make friends and be friendly toward all kinds of people and not just people in your neighborhood, because he said you never know when you might need somebody at any point in time. Then, he said that if the people did these things, they would be closer to knowing God.

He talked further about how to act in public while serving God, such as doing things discretely and not as a show of arrogance because God would eventually reveal your good work before many people. He told them not to pray openly in public as a show to those around but to pray in private so God can reward them openly, and not to pray loud and repetitively in public because it is hypocritical. He said to pray humbly and taught them the Lord's most powerful prayer that covers all things for your life, which is;

"Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen." (St. Matthew 6:9-13).

He also taught them about fasting and how it would strengthen their spiritual state of being and that they should fast in private and not in public as a show. He advised them not to ask for and seek after riches and wealth because these things corrupt the soul, but that they should be content with the portion of life God gives them. He assured them that God would supply their needs and not leave them forsaken or abandoned and that there are others around who would help you if you asked.

He told them that if they sought after corrupt things of the world, those things would be their gods and would control their lives. He said they could not serve God and the world of corruption at the same time without losing one or the other. He followed up by telling them not to worry too much about how they were going to eat or what they were going to wear or where they were going to live because he always takes care of those who love him. He said to seek the grace and power of God first and foremost and as a reward, all these things will be given to them over time.

He went on to tell them that they should not judge people because of who they are or where they live or what they have because they, in turn would be judged the same by others. He said not to criticize people when you are not looking at yourself and your own flaws. To first get yourself right and then you can help other people get right. He said not to talk to people about the goodness of God if they simply do not want to hear it and to not try to prove you are of God or that God exist if they refuse to believe you.

He said to search out the mysteries of God and eventually you will find them. To look for the goodness of God in life and you will see it clearly, and to ask for things you know God would want you to have and not things you want only for yourself. He said if you are sincere, he will show you the things of God. And if someone ask you for something and you give them a false or wrong thing, why would God give you anything of his? If you want good things from God, you should give good things to others. This is the basic meaning of the Laws of God.

He told them to stay on the paths of truth and justice and not to veer away after false prophets and people who have no love in their hearts. He said those people have money and fame but do not treat people right or how God wants them to be treated. He said people who are angry, bitter, hateful, mean, depressing, and other evil spirits will kill the love, joy, peace and happiness in your hearts. He said that some people who claim to be believers of God are not true believers; they act and talk like they are but are full of evil, envy, and wickedness.

He taught the people to stand strong on the words of God and to do his will each and every day so when troubled times come, they may be able to withstand the storms of life and survive the fiery insults, accusations, and temptations of the devil. And when Jesus was finally done talking to the people, they were amazed at his lesson, and as Jesus walked from the park and down throughout the neighborhoods, many people followed him.

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