Jesus in Chicago

One would think that Jesus Christ walking the streets of Chicago would surely mean his death; and they would be correct. Jesus would be killed in Chicago but not by the people you think would kill him. It would be by the hands of those you would least expect. Read the following narrative to learn how the life of Christ relates to our lives and of many people we know and love every day.

PART 3 - The Ministry

He healed people who came to him for help. He would always ask them if they believed he could heal them and many would say yes, they believed. He would answer them that their faith and the fact that they believed he could do it, would be enough to make them healed. Everyone that came to Jesus he would ask the same thing, do they believe. He came to one street corner in the neighborhood by the projects and two young guys came to him with guns and anger in their hearts and confronted him, threatening him.

Jesus showed no fear and stood completely still - completely still, as the young men came up on him. But the power in Jesus was strong enough that the demons and anger inside the young men could see that he was above their threats and they turned aside. One of the young men realized that he knew Jesus from a time in the past and decided it was not worth the risk. (The demons inside them talked with the Spirit of God inside Jesus). That was one of the great works seen by the people and they were amazed. Jesus also prayed for and healed the sick in hospitals and nursing homes.

Then he went down into the projects and into the house of a young man who entertained drug dealers and drug users, among thieves and crooks. He sat and ate dinner with them after they ordered from the nearby restaurant and he and his disciples talked to the brothers about the kingdom of God. Someone went and told the pastor of a local church where Jesus was and the church pastor and some of his congregation came to see.

When they saw this, the pastor asked one of the disciples why Jesus was eating with drug dealers and thugs, and that he must be a drug dealer or thug himself. But Jesus knew what they were talking about and went and told the pastor and his members that it is more important to spend time with drug dealers and thugs than with the people already in the church who claim they know about God. It is the sinners who need God most.

Then afterward, someone came to Jesus and told him that their daughter had died from a sickness that very hour and that they needed him to come and lay his hands on her so she could once again live. So Jesus went to the apartment of the parents and into the room of the young girl. When he saw her, he immediately said "Give place: for the maid is not dead, but sleeps" (St. Matthew 9: 24). And the people in the room laughed at him aloud. So Jesus put them out of the room because of their weak faith in him. And when they were gone, he took her by the hand, and she rose up.

The essence and power of God does is not hindered by the forces of humanity, but overreach them. Jesus knew that there is no death in the Kingdom of God and that a soul sleeps only, even after the body dies. So with this knowledge and faith of God, he was able to bring her life back into her body. After this, he became more famous and people came from all over to see him.

Then he called his disciple to him and gave them the same power as he had so they could go throughout the city of Chicago and preach and teach the kingdom of God and heal the sick. He told them not to go to the churches in the suburbs but to go into the low-income areas and preach to the poor. He told them not to ask for money and not to carry weapons and to not dress up as a preacher or bishop but to go dressed like everyone else.

He told them to preach the gospel of salvation only and if they went into any house or church, if the people believed them it was good but if they believed not, leave them and do not return. He said preachers will throw them out of their churches for speaking the truth and they will be accused of lying and deceiving the people, but if they take no money, they cannot be accused. He said people would call the police on them and take them to court and that they should speak only what the Holy Ghost brings to them to speak in their defense.

He said men will hate them and talk against them and that they will see families break up over the gospel and children being disowned by their parents and he said some people will even die for the sake of the gospel of truth. He told them not to fear those who could kill the body because they cannot kill the soul. He told them to flee to other cities and towns if they felt persecuted and to continue that way until the end. He encouraged them to never deny his teachings or God and they will grow more powerful by the day.

As Jesus continued to teach and preach the gospel and to heal the sick and cast out devils, the leaders of the church conspired to catch him doing something illegal. So they waited until he came to one of the corner churches to see if he would heal someone inside the church, in which the law says no one can heal on the Sabbath day in the church. So when he did, they called the police on him and accused him of trespassing on church property. But when Jesus found out, he left the church and escaped away.

Afterward, when the church leaders heard that he had cast out a devil from a blind man and the man learned to see, they accused Jesus of being the prince of the devils. Jesus explained to them that if he was the devil and cast out other devils, his kingdom would be divided, but if he cast out devils by the hand of God then he must be sent by God. The church leaders did not like this answer and they were more jealous and angry.

Later that day, Jesus walked by the lake shore and many people followed. He stood before them and taught them that not everyone will enter or experience the kingdom of heaven but only those who actually believe and stand firm on their belief. He said some will hear the word but will not understand it and the devil will come and quickly deceived them with lies. He said some will hear the word and receive it with joy but do not allow the word to take root in their soul and when troubles come because of the word, they lose faith.

Then he told of those who would hear and receive the word but the circumstances of the world like riches and fame choke the word and they lose faith also. Then he said, there are those who hear and received the word and become strong and grow in God's grace. He explained that people must take the gospel and their salvation seriously in order to get the full effect of the power and mercy of God.

During the days of his teaching, the pastor who introduced Jesus to the people was arrested and prosecuted for being a false preacher and extorting money from the people. He was jailed and ended up dying in jail. So Jesus knew that the authorities were coming for him next even though he had not deceived the people. One day he saw the many people following him and had compassion on them. The disciples came to him and told him the people were hungry and that Jesus should send them away so they could go to the food court at the mall and eat. But Jesus told the disciples to feed them all with the two fish patties and the half loaf of bread they had. The disciples said it was not enough for the hundreds of people but Jesus told them to bring the patties and bread to him and he prayed over them.

Within the next hour and as the word of Jesus got around the city and the many people who followed him for days, a local area restaurant sent fish sandwiches and drinks to the lake shore for the people to eat. They did not charge anything but out of the goodness of their hearts, they sent food and drinks to the crowd for the sake of Jesus and his gospel. So by the end of the day, all the people had eaten and were full. There was even food left over. God always makes a way out of no way.

Then more church leaders came to Jesus to prove him wrong and asked him why his disciples transgressed the law by not washing their hands before they ate? But Jesus said to the church leaders, "Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?" (St. Matthew 15:3). Then he continued to call out their hypocrisy about honoring parents, teaching doctrines of men instead of the doctrine of God, and the fact that it is not what goes into a man's mouth that defiles the man, but what comes out of their mouth.

He said that the mouth speaks what's in the heart and too many people are full of hatred, lust, greed, and anger and that these are the things that make them evil, not hand-washing traditions. After this, the church leaders were angrier and further conspired how to catch Jesus some way. Then Jesus turned to the people and talked about the many false prophets they would have to learn about and deal with in life.

He told the disciples that the church leaders were going to turn him into the police and have him arrested and jailed, but one of the disciples said that would never happen and yelled at Jesus that he would not let that happen to him. Jesus told that disciple that if he were serious about following him, he would have to trust him and not doubt him.

The next day, the leaders of the church came to one of Jesus disciples and asked if Jesus had paid his taxes. The disciple came to Jesus and told him what the church leader said and Jesus told the disciple that everyone should give unto the government what is due to the government and give to God what is due to God. And then Jesus told the disciple to go down the street and get his car so they could go downtown to the largest church in the city. As they were getting in the car and pulling off, many people ran after the car cheering and blessing Jesus and his fame went all over the city.

When he arrived downtown to the church, he got out the car and the people around saw this and asked who this man was, and the crowd cheered "Jesus of Chicago!" Jesus got out of the car and walked into the church and when he seen what was going on, he started throwing out those who sold goods and services in the name of God. He turned over the ATM machine and book display shelves of books being sold and turned over the chairs of those who sat and sold video disc of their sermons. And he said, "It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves" (St. Matthew 21:13).

The next day Jesus came back to the neighborhood and went and stood in the parking lot of a local church. As the disciples brought him something to eat, more church leaders came to him and asked him what he was doing there and by whose authority had he to be at this church. Jesus turned and asked them a question in return and said, "If you tell me what happened to John the Baptist and why he is dead, I will tell you by whose authority I am here."

But the church leaders could not answer the question because they knew that the people around loved John the Baptist and they did not want them to know why he was dead because they would wonder why the church would cause the death of a man of God. So the church leaders did not answer Jesus, so Jesus told them neither could he answer their question. This made the church leaders even more upset and they wanted to take Jesus, but they feared the people.

So the church leaders began to challenge Jesus on his doctrine by asking him hard questions about the law such as questions about marriage and divorce, paying taxes and tithes according to the law, and what is the greatest commandment in the law of God. And Jesus answered all their questions and made them look foolish, which made them even more upset. He told them that the only thing that can fulfill the law is love toward one another; love toward your neighbor, and love for God. Love, therefore, fulfills the law. After this, the church leaders asked him no more questions.

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