The Difference between Truth and Fact

A growing number of people have placed fact ahead of truth as a means to negate things they do not understand. However; a fact can become a fact even if its foundation is a lie. But the truth will always be the truth and can never be negated.

One perfect example is scientist using so-called historical and archeological facts to eliminate the concept of God. Another example is the claim of the moon landing (which has gone down in history as a fact), but could quite possibly be a lie.

The truth, however, is a constant and is undeniable. Concerning God and His truth, life itself is witness to the existence of God. If God were not real then life would not be. The majesty in the creation of all that is nature is also witness to God. Man had nothing to do with either life or nature, thus anything man finds outside of himself is true. All that men decided to document is fact. The difference is massive and the truth should be respected as such and facts should only be considered, unless it is a witness to nature. And science is the study of God's creation.

Man can move one of the Great Pyramids from Africa to China and there it will be. It will now become a fact that the Great Pyramid is in China. However, the truth is the Great Pyramid was built in Africa and is natural to Africa. Man can create fact but can never create truth. He can only acknowledge truth because truth existed before man. When man decides to ignore the truth and believe fact, he has step outside of reality and created his own reality.

When novice thinkers argue about referring to Fact and logic to determine what is true, they consciously dismiss truth. The problem with arguing with facts is that someone else can come along with a new set of facts and completely disannul the first theory. But no one can argue against truth. The sun is truth; the power and purpose of the sun is truth, all things from the earth that absorb the sun and react to it are truth. However, facts about the sun and the earth cannot come about unless the truth of the sun is acknowledged.

People are true. We are here and one can document the existence of people as a fact. How people got here is another story and can be refuted with what man considers as fact or as truth. If someone says man evolved from apes and documents it as fact, then the burden of proof is on that man. If another says that man was created by a divine being and documents that as fact, the burden of proof once again lies on that man. However, there is only one truth. Either man evolved or was created. When the mystery of life is exposed, we will know the truth. Therefore, no one can oppose truth using fact, they are two different things.


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