What has God done for Black America

Many Black people ask, "What has God done for Blacks?" And some answer, "Not a damn thing". And when viewing the current situation of Blacks in America and looking back on the violent and oppressive past of slavery and Jim Crow, the truth is not pretty and seems God has closed his eyes to the oppression of Africans and Blacks in America.

However, the of task explaining this to some is equivalent to trying to convince someone to count their blessings or look on the bright side, but that effort also, flies in the face of logic to many people, especially when their lives look bleak, hopeless, and unbearable. So to actually answer this question, one must understand that it depends on who you are trying to convince. Pessimist will never see the positive side of any situation, even if the evidence is right before their eyes.

Faith is a prerequisite of God. One must first believe there is a God before experiencing anything God has to offer or the message he is trying to communicate. Having hope, seeing the good in things, and understanding how the positives in life help drown out all negatives, are core human characteristics people need in order to come out from under fear, doubt, pessimism, and unbelief. Without a positive outlook on life, a person will waste away in misery.

Another piece of wisdom any person needs in the journey of understanding what God has done for Blacks, or anything else about God, is to understand the concept of time. Not one, 2, or 3 o'clock time, but time ages and eras of human evolution and the spans at which they extend. The human life is eighty years on average so no one person can grasp time before or after their current life.

For instance, some people alive today have no knowledge of and could never understand the concept of not having a television or a telephone. Some people alive today cannot imagine living without toilets, air conditioning, or cars. Likewise, no one alive today can know what life was like without the light bulb. Thus, having to grasp the concept of the past beyond 1900 is something the brightest minds of today cannot accurately convey.

Time age consideration is therefore critical in understanding what God has done for Black America. Just in the past 50 years, Blacks have gone from complete legal segregation by social confinement, to living in neighborhoods, attending schools and workplaces wherever they want. Before that, Blacks were a departmentalized, closed-in people and living at much lower economic levels. Now, Blacks are more economically empowered, socially, and politically stronger, though we have not nearly approached the level of white wealth.

One-hundred years ago, Blacks were by-law and Constitutional amendments, confined to certain neighborhoods, jobs, and schools and were targets of violence by the military, citizen militias, and by the government secret services. Though not all that different from today it would seem, the circumstances are not as widespread or an everyday part of white America's cultural norm like it was then.

One-hundred and fifty years ago, Blacks were property of whites and worked on plantations, sold like cattle, and beaten like animals. For 200 years preceding, Blacks were slaves as white America grew economically as a result of Black labor. However, during those 200 years of bondage, Blacks fought, rebelled, escaped and died for the sake of their freedom from their white taskmasters.

Generations of Blacks were born, lived their entire lives as slaves, and died still bound to the institution of slavery. No one today could imagine what that would be like. Today also, we live as economically, socially and politically stagnant citizens in this so-called land of the free, and we endure each day holding on to what keeps us alive and not committing suicide, which is hope, faith, and determination to survive. And whether we want to realize it or not, it is God that gives us this strength.

So what has God done for Black people? He has slowly advanced Black folks while simultaneously cursing white folks throughout this brutal history far more than we can actually see. Make no mistake; our advancement does not come from the generosity and civility of white folks, far from it, because as we grow, they corrode. So the question should not be, "what has God done for Blacks", but "what has God done to whites."

Think about it for a moment. Even as the African slaves suffered on the high seas when they were tossed overboard by the thousands from suffering cruel beatings, sickness, and despair, many (if not more) white settlers died of disease, hunger, and killings by Africans and the indigenous (Indian) peoples of America during their settlement.

As slaves watched beatings and raping of Black men and women, white women watched their husbands have sex with and have babies by Black women, and white men lived in fear of their lives daily (and many were killed by slaves), and their minds were branded with mental affliction of Black men getting a hold of their women, as they do more often today.

Even as slaves were bought and sold as property making their taskmasters rich, the majority of white men were poor, gun-toting peasants serving the top 10 percent of the rich, as they are today. They had to carry guns with them every day and look over their shoulders constantly for Black men who they feared vehemently would take over, as they still do today. And regardless of what some people think, white men were not simply living off the fat of the land, they were in constant war with the motherland (England), the American Indians, and with themselves.

Ultimately, God's law of human nature dictated that if the Black Africans were being killed mercilessly, so would the white man on this new land; therefore, other white men came from overseas to kill and slaughter one another by the hundreds of thousands. Moreover, as a result of the cruelty toward the slaves, the white man's mind became so demented that he turned on himself and a Civil War ensued wherewith another hundreds of thousands of them killed one another to create bloody battle fields; as they are doing today.

Further into the future, white men in America fought other white men in Europe, Germany and abroad and millions killed each other in battles over money and power. White women lost their husbands and their children became bastards, juvenile delinquents, and poverty-stricken. Even today, white men suffer from physical and mental disfigurement, drug and alcohol abuse as a result of fighting an unnecessary war in Vietnam, all for the sake of the top 10 percent.

One might say, however, that the white man has prospered in wealth and riches and are living like kings and queens atop the Black man's blood, sweat and pain. However, earthly riches are a demonic force of nature that turns men into animals and agents of Satan. They have corrupted their riches and not used them toward the will of God, thus, they have become cruel, merciless, and cut-throat one toward another. They hide behind wealth masquerading as happy yet their souls are possessed with a never-ending perversion for more that will never be quenched. Now, they murder, poison, and destroy humanity, the earth, and their own children.

Their minds are reprobate and have turned to a mental hysteria and constant paranoia, lust, lewdness, homosexuality, the killing of the unborn, pedophilia, hypocrisy, revelry, drunkenness, drug use, incurable diseases, unending warmongering, oppression of the poor, the selling of children, and many other inhumane and unnatural forms of insanity, and that which is against God's nature.

While the Black man has endured throughout generations and evolved to become stronger, more tolerant, intellectual, and defined as men and women, overtime. Though we continue to struggle financially as pertaining to social power, our lives and character are strengthened against many of the infections and illnesses of white America, simply because we are not over-cursed with wealth.

As we search to redefine our existence and to gain new ground in the struggle of life in general, the white man is corroding away in immorality and sacrilegious paganism, Satanism, and mythological worlds that do not exist nor align with reality. As the white man searches for worlds beyond what God has given humanity in an attempt to escape the coming, final judgment of the most High God, Black men and people of color will continue to rise higher in knowledge, sanity, as one with nature and stronger than the dark ages of the white man's rule.

Throughout time and over the generations of slavery, Jim Crow, and today's social neutralization of Black people, God has - in His own time - turned the tables of nature against the white man and his world. Though we suffered physical, social and legal bondage and oppression, the white man suffered, and continues to suffer, the curse of mental derangement, psychological perversion, and social chaos. Our suffering was definitely man-made, but his is divine intervention. In fact, our world is becoming more bearable as his world becomes a living hell.


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